FIVE reasons why you should have a Professional Headshot

March 26, 2018


1. What does your headshot say about you? Warm and inviting, strong and fierce or something else? The right headshot can say a lot about you. The choice is yours and a pro will help you portray it best.  After all first impressions are vital.


2. People study faces and it's a chance to make connections and build trust. Essentially people want to deal with people.


3. You will use it everywhere on the web, making it a worthwhile investment.


4. Even if you do not consider yourself photogenic, a pro can make you look fab.



5.  A polished, professional  headshot taken by a professional photographer conveys, well professionalism (whether is it a business / corporate or arts orientated image).  


If you are looking for a creative but professional headshot to use for business or in the creative arts, I will work with you to get the best results in your final images.


Contact me today to book your session.




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